DynMetrics constitutes a markerless and inex­pen­sive system enabling the recording and analysis of standardized parameters characte­rizing gait. By means of a contactless approach, it supports health professionals (physicians, therapists) in planning and evaluating individual rehabilitation measures particularly after surgical treatments in order to restore a patient’s mobility.


By design the sensors can be easily mounted on tripods and hence moved from site to another. The tracking range can be extended by adding addi­tional sensors.

Out of the box

The entire system can be set up and calibrated in less than an hour.


There no need to execute a special procedure for pre­paring a patient for the measuring process. Due to the contactless approach there are no hygienic pro­visions.


The measuring procedure takes approximately 5 minutes per patient. The use of crut­ches in principal does not encumber the measuring.


The assessment of the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures in orthopedics nowa­days is widely done by the attending doctor. Additionally clinics do assess­ments as part of their quality management processes or for deciding upon further treatments leading to more favorable responses concerning the therapeutic goals (e.g. ability to walk a certain distance).
The availability of reliable quantifiable para­meters and analyses derived out of them are suited to objectify assessments and tailor the therapies to patients. In the long run it is therefore possible to establish evidence-based rehabilitation standards.

Gait Analysis

DynMetrics supports gait analysis and features a variety of spatio-temporal movement parameters (e.g., velocity, step / stride length, cadence). Pre / post measurements are suited to quantify the rehabilitation status.


DynMetrics was developed within a research project and delivers tracking data for a variety of movement parameters (step / stride length, ca­den­ce, velocity, center of mass displacement) by means of 3D skeletal data. The analysis de­termines the gait cycle robustly.

Decision Support and Documentation

DynMetrics is a sensor-based system providing decision support regarding the status of recovering patients building upon measurable gait and movement parameters. It can be used to complement data gained out questionnaires being completed by patients and / or health professionals (e.g., Harris Hip Score, Lequesne, Staffelstein …). Hence, therapeutic results can be scrutinized and documented on the fly. Changes concerning the rehabilitation process can be induced and forecasts concerning the likely outcome of the therapy can be made at an early stage.

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